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After excavations in Ancient Egypt, archaeologists have uncovered sophisticated mechanisms and, after months of study, they discovered that these were special keys that would grant access to certain areas of the temples. These keys became known as: THE LOST PUZZLES.

Box of Tutankhamun

Box of Tutankhamun

Reset all the parchments by adding or subtracting rows, columns and diagonals.

All five levels are available in the app.

Stones of Amenhotep III

Stones of Amenhotep III

Drag rows and columns until the stones return to their original position.

First level included. Get the complete package for only $0.99.

Jewels of Cleopatra

Jewels of Cleopatra

Turn the hexagons until no color is repeated within each hexagon.

First level included. Get the complete package for only $ 0.99.



The games found in The Lost Puzzles were conceived by Paulo Bouhid and developed by Mobits.

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